A mathematical model of Imatinib and Interferon-alpha combined treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia

L Berezansky, S Bunimovich-Mendrazitsky, A Domoshnitsky


In this paper, we propose and analyze a mathematical model for the treatment of chronic myelogenous (or myeloid) leukemia (CML), a cancer of the blood. We introduce combined treatment of CML based on Imatinib therapy and Immunotherapy. Imatinib therapy is a molecular targeted therapy that inhibits the cell containing the oncogenic protein BCR-ABL, involved in the chronic CML pathogenesis. Immunotherapy based on interferon alfa-2a (IFN-α) effects on the cancer cells mortality and leads to improvement outcome of the combined therapy. We model the interaction between CML cancer cells in the body and effector cells of the immune system, using a system of differential equations. The proposed model belongs to a special class of nonlinear nonautonomous systems of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) with time-varying delays in the treatment.

For this system the following results were obtained: existence of a unique global positive solution, existence of a unique nontrivial equilibrium, explicit local and global stability conditions for the nontrivial equilibrium.

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