Vol 13, No 3-4 (2006) ISSN: 0793-1786

Table of Contents


First order asymptotic approximations for the heat equatron PDF
N. C. Apreutesei p.347-355
A note on the Taylor's decomposition on five points and its applications to differential equations PDF
M.A. Ashyralyeva p.357-370
A note on the limit properties of Green functions of boundary value problems for second order singular functional differential equations PDF
E. Bravyi p.371-380
Some properties of generalized attraction sets PDF
A.G. Chentsov p.381-415
Ex.jstence results for neutral functional differential equations in Banach algebras PDF
B. C. Dhage p.417-429
Existence and uniqueness of pseudo almost periodic solutions to some functional differential equations PDF
T. Diagana p.431-439
Parametric control of pulse propagation and pattern formaion in nonlinear nonstationary processes PDF
V.R. Kardashov, B.A. Malomed p.441-461
Unified method of investigating controllability and observability problems of time-variable differential systems PDF
T .B. Kopeikina p.463-481
Implicit difference methods for parabolic functional differential equations PDF
K. Kropielnicka p.483-510
A minimal estimate for number of multiple solutions for a class of second-order ordinary differential equations PDF
Y. Li, X. Shu, Y. Xu p.511-518
On a two-point boundary value problem for the second order linear functional differential equations with monotone operators PDF
S. Mukhigulashvili, J. Sremr p.519-537
Stability analysis of systems with switch-like interactions and distributed delays: a case study PDF
A. Ponosov, A. Shindiapin, Y. Nepomnyashchikh p.539-569
On locally explicit equations and systems with switching PDF
I.N. Pryadko, B.N. Sadovsky p.571-584
Bifurcation of periodic delay differential equations at points of 1:4 resonance PDF
G. Rost p.585-602
On the noncontinuable solutions of retarded functional differential equations PDF
B. Slezak p.603-635
General existence principle for singular BVPs depending on a parameter and its application PDF
S. Stanek p.637-656

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ISSN: 0793-1786