Vol 1, No 1 (1993) ISSN: 0793-1786

Table of Contents


A new approach to investigation of evolution differential equations in Banach spaces PDF
Ya.I. Alber p.1-21
On linear neutral type equations with generalized righthand side PDF
E. Braverman p.22-32
The asymptotic attainability and extensions in the class of finitely additive measures PDF
A.G. Chentsov p.33-39
Spectral properties of disjointness preserving operators on lattice-normed spaces PDF
V .B. Cherdak, B. Cherdak p.40-51
A new concept in the study of differential inequalities PDF
A. Domoshnitsky p.52-59
Oscillation properties of discrete difference inequalities and equations: a new approach PDF
Y. Domshlak p.60-82
On convergence of sequences of internal superposition operators PDF
M.E. Drakhlin p.83-94
Popov-type stability criterion for the functional-differential equations describing pulse modulated control systems PDF
A.Kh. Gelig, A.N. Churilov p.95-107
The process of normalization and solution of bifurcation problems of the oscillation and stability theory: a synopsis PDF
Y.M Goltser p.108-125
The general representations of solutions of some partial differential equations PDF
A.A. Khvoles, A.R. Khvoles p.126-131
On the exact constant in the inequality for a norm of solutions of the Lame system in a half-space PDF
G.I. Kresin p.131-135
Invariant locally non-unique manifolds indestructibility and linearization PDF
G. Osipenko p.136-148
A unified approach to various stochastic equations with coefficients depending on the past PDF
A. Ponosov p.149-164
Steady modes in a discontinuous control system with time delay PDF
E.I. Shustin, E.M. Fridman, L.M. Fridman p.165-178
Application of Lagrange's approach for the investigation of one linear optimal control problem with mixed constraints in discrete time PDF
I. Sobolevsky p.179-197
Behaviour of iteration processes near the boundary of stability domain PDF
M. Sonis p.198-227

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ISSN: 0793-1786